None of what we are setting out to do would be possible without your generous support.

what do we need?

With all our ducks in a row and every last piece of the project plan in place, Why Indian Men Rape is ready to get set-go!

With your help, we will raise the funds to bring our phase 1 (2017-9) plans to fruition—hire our research agency; embark on our elaborate research and interview plans; write the books; make the documentary; and maintain active online engagement with the subject of gender violence.

We need to raise a minimum of Rs 60,00,000 ($93,000/€86,000) now to execute these plans. Your contribution is a step towards that goal.

We need your help.


The initial cost of getting the project up and running in a basic but meaningful way over two years is Rs 60,00,000, approximated as follows:
In-house team, for 24 months: Rs 18,00,000 (@Rs 75,000 per month)
Quantitative research; including but not limited to agency and researchers, outstation travel and accommodation, etc: Rs 20,00,000
Technology and equipment; for data storage, video and audio recording, etc: Rs 3,00,000
Documentary; including but not limited to shooting, post production, crew, equipment, outstation travel and accommodation, etc: Rs 15,00,000
Miscellaneous; including but not limited to transcription and typing services, legal and financial services, data management, administration, etc: Rs 4,00,000

The initial sum will cover most of our basic expenses, but does not include marketing and publicity or office rent. While we expect some funds to come in through the sale of the books, speaking engagements, etc, revenues from royalties and such will cover only a small portion of the overall costs of this multimedia activism project.

Any excess funds raised will go towards our keeping this project afloat beyond 2019, towards the longer-term goal of remaining an enduring agent for social change and a leading light in the Indian sexual revolution.

We will get our finances audited by an independent audit firm to assure you that your contribution was utilised appropriately.

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