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One of the more positive outcomes of the Varnika Kundu stalking case has been her amazing father, Virender Kundu's immediate and persistent support for his daughter. Like an absolute boss, he has refused to back down in the face of pressure from Haryana's BJP chief, Subhash Barala, whose son is one of the accused in the case. Not only has Kundu refused to withdraw the case, he has shut down every insinuation that his daughter was at fault for the incident that took place.

Virender Kundu, father of Chandigarh stalking victim Varnika Picture courtesy Indian Express

Virender Kundu, father of Chandigarh stalking victim Varnika
Picture courtesy Indian Express

Here are five quotes by him that prove he is an awesome Everyday Inspiration for fathers in India, and around the world.

If you're a parent reading this, here's our message for you. This, right here, is what fatherhood is about. Be like Virender.


1. "After 70 years of independence, we should be able to expect that the police, prosecution and judiciary will do the right thing. I am testing the system to see if it can deliver justice."

(Indian Express, August 2017)

2. "There is a saying in Haryanvi that beti sabki saanjhi hoti hai (taking care of daughters is everyone's responsibility). But if [Subhash Barala] feels like he is her father, he ought to behave like her father as well."

(Indian Express, August 2017)

3. "I saw they were covering their faces, and here's my daughter who is without a cover on national television. This is the spirit, and this is the reversal."

(NDTV, August 2017)

4. "In a cut and dried case like this, where there is nothing hazy or unclear in terms of actions or identities, if the system fails to deliver justice, then there is something deeply rotten in our society, our government and our country."

(NDTV, August 2017)

5. "The shame sought to be heaped upon a lone woman got reflected back, magnified, on to her offenders."

(In a Facebook status, August 2017)

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